Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men who are happy and glad to be father's and who treat their wives and children with respect.  I was so blessed to have a wonderful father.  He worked hard to take care of his family, he taught us the gospel by example, and he was a lot of fun.  I miss him but I know he is happy where he is at, especially now that he can be with his own father who he lost at such a young age.  I am grateful to have a husband who exemplifies fatherhood also.  He shows love and respect to me and his children all the time.  I am grateful for the other fathers in my life -- especially the wonderful fathers of my nine terrific grandchildren.  I am grateful that Mark, John and Neil are great fathers who teach their children through their example and their loving ways.  I am grateful for good brothers and brother-in-law who further exemplify what it means to be a Dad.  I have been surrounded by good men and I am truly grateful.  After being over here and seeing how many fathers put other things above family, I know I am truly blessed.  I was counting the number of priesthood bearers of any age in our branches on Sunday.  In KK1 branch there were about 60 people there and maybe 10 of them were priesthood holders.  In KK2 branch there were about 50 people there with about 8 priesthood.  I wish the priesthood would step up to the plate and realize what blessings they have and support their families and branches more than they do.  Thank goodness for the women of the branches.  They are angels.  They come week after week and bring their little children and have no priesthood to rely on in their homes.  But, each week as I look at these little children I see little girls who are clean and dressed so cute and little boys (all the little boys) who have their hair combed and their faces scrubbed and are all wearing white shirts and ties.  I just hope when they get older they will follow the example of their mothers and remain strong in the church and help to build it here in Malaysia.

This is a picture of Sis. Roslin and her children at a Branch activity.  LtoR:  Larry 6, Henry 10 and Roslin holding Jeanette 20 months.  We taught Sis. Roslin and kids the follow-up lessons after baptism.  She is a delight and I love her kids.  Henry is quite the artist.  I always try to take him some blank paper whenever we go to their home as he loves to draw but they can't afford paper.  I try to take suckers or some treat for Larry and Jeanette also.  Henry had a birthday last week and Roslin asked if I would make him a chocolate cake.  After all the meals she fixed for us each time we went to teach, how could I refuse.  They live in the most humble home you an imagine.  The only furniture is an old table with some chairs.  They sleep on the floor on just thin little mats.  But they are a wonderful family.  Roslin is trying so hard to raise her children right.  Her husband isn't a member but he does let her come.  She also told me she is pregnant again.
 This is President Francis of the KK1 branch -- a great man.  He is a widower.
Me giving an impromptu talk at a YW Camp activity.
The four YW who came to the camp activity:  LtoR  Ebony, Tiffiny, Samantha and Crystel

We are leaving for Singapore on Wednesday to get our VISA's chopped and to have a senior conference.  This will be the last time we see Pres. Clark and Sis. Clark.  They are leaving for home on June 30.  They are from Oregon and have a home in the Lincoln City area where our family spent a wonderful week at the Oregon beach.  We'll have to visit them the next time we go.

If anyone who reads this blog went to my friend Suzi Nicholson's viewing/funeral, would you please email me and tell me about it.  If there is a copy of the program you can scan and send I would really appreciate it.  I'm still having a hard time processing that she is gone.

Has anyone read the book Corrag by Susan Fletcher that I recommended a while ago?  I would also like to know what you thought of it.

Has anyone been reading the BofM?  what have you thought about that book?  Pretty terrific isn't it.

Ben just told me, right now, this very minute, that our first project we developed has been APPROVED.  I am so excited.  I will tell you all about next blog.
Everyone take care and thanks for all your love and support.


  1. Oh that's great! Congrats you two! No, I didn't read the book Corrag but, I did finish reading this book called The Zookeepers Wife. It was pretty cool. It's a true story about a Polish zookeeper and his wife during ww2 and how they hid Jews in the animal cages and their home. Pretty neat little story! Yes, the BofM is pretty terrific. :)

  2. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father. He is patient, kind, humble, and righteous. I love you dad!

  3. I am blessed with a wonderful father, who I missed giving a hug to on Father's Day. Mom, will you give him an extra hug for me? I have not read the book Corrag, but I just got it from the library yesterday, so I will let you know in a couple of days.
    I love you dad, Happy Father's Day!
    Love you both!