Sunday, July 15, 2012


Last week we had an interesting evening at YSA/FHE.  One of the YSA is getting married.  He is Pres. Fausto and he is a counselor in the district presidency.  He is 31 years old and he is a riot.  He keeps everyone on their toes and makes everyone laugh.  He is marrying a gal (also 31) from the Philipines.  She is also a very good member and comes from a very active family.  They will be getting married this Wednesday while the district is on their temple trip to the Manilla Temple.  For YSA/FHE he asked all of the YSAs to help him plan his reception here in KK.  He put one of the other SA's in charge as the wedding planner.  I called him "Fronk" but they didn't seem to get that.  Another SA he put in charge of doing all the decorations for the tables and the chapel/rec hall.  Another two YAs got the assignment to be in charge of serving and managing the food.  They don't have to prepare it, they just have to make sure everything runs smoothly in the kitchen.  He gave another girl the assignment to take care of all the music.  He even assigned one guy to be in charge of checking the invitations at the door, I guess you would call him the "bouncer",  because he only has room for 100 people.  Ben and I are just supposed to show up and do whatever they need help doing.  I've never really been to a YSA/FHE like that before, in fact I've never been to any church meeting like that before.  But, you know what, it was fun and I think it will be just terrific.  This will be our first Malaysian wedding and we are excited to go.  Apparently this is how it is done most of the time.  The branch YA's don't seem to be in any hurry to get married.  Quite a few of them are in their late 20's and just seem to be involved with work and school.  Once you are enrolled in the University here, you must keep going.  You cannot take time off for a mission so most of the YM wait until they have finished their schooling before going on their missions.  Most of the YM we send out on missions are about 23 - 25 years of age.  

We just got back from Kuala Lumpur on Friday night.  We spent three days there with Elder Subandriyo of the 70 going over welfare and humanitarian training and projects. It was a great three days.  We learned an awful lot.  Elder Subandriyo is an amazing man.  He is native Indonesian so the people here just love him.  He is so humble, personable and funny.  He has a wife who is seriously ill.  She is on dialysis two or three times a week.  She is going to have a kidney transplant in Sept. or October I think. The donor will be her brother and Elder Subandriyo is so hopeful and excited that is wife will get this opportunity.  We all pray that she will stay well until the transplant and that everything will go smoothly for her. 

While in KL we took in some sights.  We went to visit the Petronas Gas Twin Towers.  WOW!  Talk about being w aaa  yyy  up there.  The sight was amazing.  Sometimes I just have to keep pinching myself and saying what is a shy backward hick girl from Ogden Utah doing in an amazing place like Malaysia and seeing the things I am seeing and doing the things I am doing.  Sometimes it seems like it just can't be me doing all these things.  Here are some pictures from our KL trip:
This first one is for Bishop Wayment.  An A&W Drive Inn here in KL.  The root beer is ok but the food isn't.  Someone let Bishop Wayment know please.
A view of the towers at night.  It is so amazing and breathtaking.  They are beautiful.
Sorry.  Just lay on the floor to see it.  We are at the viewing level floor and that is a replica of the twin towers behind us.
Us taking a picture of us in a picture in a display screen.  Follow that?
Our group: Elder and Sis. Meehan, Welfare coordinator missionaries from Hong Kong, us, Sis. and Elder Howell welfare/humanitarian missionaries serving in KL from West Jordan.
The Howell's have this really fun park by their apartment that they walk and exercise in every morning.  It is built around a man made lake and has an exercise pad with all types of equipment that you can use.  It is well maintained and we enjoyed exercising there one morning.
Everyone take care.  It is so nice to get your comments and to hear from you all.  We pray for everyone back home all the time.  God bless you all.  E/S Read


  1. KL looks really cool. I'm anxious to hear all about how the wedding goes. That would be interesting for sure. Love you guys.

  2. I've always wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur. The towers look awesome. Can't wait to hear about the wedding. Love you guys!

  3. I am jealous of all of your experiences, sounds really cool. I am sure Malaysia will be better because of your time there. Love you both

  4. KL looks awesome. What great experiences! We love to hear where your adventure takes you each week. Thanks for your examples and updates. Love you.