Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Some of you have been curious as to what our apartment looks like so this week I thought I would share some pictures of our home away from home with you.  All in all our apartment is really quite large and adequate.  This one floor we have is bigger than the one floor of our home in Roy.  We enjoy it here.  It is convenient to the church and other areas we frequent.  We are slowly learning our way around KK and are not so scared to venture out on our own.  The traffic is still terrible.  When we went to Bukit Harapan to deliver our humanitarian items, a trip which would normally take 15 min., we went at 5:30 which is getting off work time and it took us over an hour.  YIPES  I thought I was going to scream.  Well, anyway, here are some apartment pictures.
This is my favorite wall in the whole apartment.  It is in the living room and it is fun to just look up and see the kids and grandkids anytime.  What?  You can't see any handprints for the Diamond kids?  Neither can I.  Kathy keeps saying they are coming, but it's been almost 6 months.  Give Kathy a bad time.
This is the dining area and the door going into the kitchen.  I have two clocks on the wall to the left.  One tells Utah time and one tells KK time.
The living room.  The sofas and couches and chairs are not very comfy.  Too soft and you sink down in them to far, but they work.  We never use the TV.
Kitchen, small but adequate.  I have even washed my dishes for this picture.  The kettle to heat the water is on the right, you can see the red button.  Only source of hot water in the kitchen.
The laundry room.  The drying rack comes out into the front room on laundry day to hang the clothes on.  Most people here just hand them out their windows on special lines.  I don't our apartment allows that.  The washer will only hold one set of sheets and then it is full.  Again, small but adequate for our use.
The spare bedroom.  When you come for a visit, this is where you'll stay.  Be sure and sign up waayy in advance as we are getting booked.
Ben's bathroom.  It's blue.
My bathroom.  It's orange.  That's how we tell them apart and don't barge in on each other.
Our office.  Ben sits on the left in the black chair and I sit on the right in the blue chair.  That's how we tell our chairs apart.  Ben has a nicer computer than mine.  Mine is small, but you guessed it, adequate.
Well, I don't know what happened here.  But this is our bedroom.  And it is not small.  It is actually quite large.  To the right of the bed is a vanity and there is also a closet.  The bed is king sized so we kinda get lost.  Sometimes I don't see Ben all night.  Of course I have my eyes closed and I'm not really looking for him either.  But it is a nice room.  It is orange in color.  You can't book this room when you.  Sorry.  Only the best guest room in the house for you.  Well, that is a little tour of our home.  We really like it.  we have found it is bigger than most of the other senior apartments in the mission and at a lower cost even.  If you go to Hong Kong you pay twice as much rent for only about 1/4 of the space.  We are so blessed to be in KK.

On Tuesday we are leaving to go to the "interior".  You know what that means. . . the jungle.  We have to make a trip in to close on one of the water projects and we will be looking around the jungle to find other possible water sites.  The plane that will take us into the jungle only goes in twice a week.  So we have to wait for it to come back and pick us up later.  We will get back to KK on Monday, the 20th.  I'm excited and scared and nervous.  Be sure to check back later to see if we survived.

You know how they say that married couples start looking more and more like each other as time goes by.  Well, I'm afraid I'm going to have Ben's hairline by the time I get home.  My hair has really started falling out for some reason.  It is really scary.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm really just trying to help Ben feel better about his hairline, but it is really got me concerned.

Keep the comments and emails coming.  I know I say that every week, but we really really enjoy hearing from everyone.  We love and miss you all so much.  E/S Read


  1. Nice digs! Well, we made it to Canberra. I was worried about the long flight, but we had seats that reclined to fully laying down. It was like riding a plane in a hospital bed. The kids had TVs, entertainment, good food, and didn't want to get off the plane. We are learning to drive on the wrong side of the road and I have only almost killed us once. Our internet isn't good enough to download pictures yet, but we are getting our permanent internet soon. I think there is a natural pill you can take for hair loss. I'm thinking it's called Biotin. Not sure, but I can double check. I'm looking at flights to KK from Sydney. It's not as close as we thought, but a lot closer than from VA. Hopefully at least I can come. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I think your apartment looks nice. We'll be in Yellowstone while you're in the jungle. I'll look forward to hearing about your camping trip and then I'll be sure to post about mine. Love you guys.

  3. Really nice apt. - fun to be able to picture where you're hanging out. Be careful in the jungles and don't let any monkeys spit on you!! Mom said to tell you that she really enjoyed the book you recommended to her - the one that was left in your apt. that you have read. No one could come up with a copy of it, not even the library, when she first asked about it so Jason ordered her one and then all of a sudden it was everywhere. The library found her a copy, Kathy got a copy from her library and Jason's copy came. Diane took the copy Jason got but is having a hard time getting into it - mom gave me her library copy so I'll let you know what I think. Continue the good work and know you're loved and thought about every day. Your Sis.

  4. I'm interested to know what type of flooring you have. Is it cement? It kinda looks like cement.

  5. okay. just looked a little closer. Looks a lot like grey tile. Yes? Was that hard to get used to?