Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding, beach, baptism

We had another wedding in our branch.  The couple actually got married in June.  They are a cute couple.  His name is Bryan and he is from the Miri branch.  Her name is Kiko and she is from our branch.  They are so lucky that they found each other, and that they are both members.  What a rarity that is here in KK.  Again, everyone came dressed like they were going to a... well going to a fancy wedding.  You can't believe the make up the ladies all put on.  I've never seen so many false eyelashes in so many colors.  Also, the color scheme for this wedding was red and white.  Everyone was asked to wear red and white.  The reception was supposed to start at 6:30, but in accordance with Malay time, it didn't start until 7:30.  Everyone was just sitting around.  I don't know what the delay was.  Finally the bride made her appearance.  We all had to sing and clap a special clap. Then they played some newlywed type of games with the bride and groom for the next hour.  The bride and groom danced, or they tried to dance.  Neither one was sure of the hand position for dancing and then they just kind of swayed back and forth.  Then they had a big buffet about 9:00 pm.  Everyone in the branch contributed food for the buffet.  I was asked to make some cupcakes.  At first they said they wanted over 200, but then last week they changed it to only 60.  Sixty I could handle.  I made some chocolate ones and some yellow cake ones.  I thought they were pretty tasty considering I didn't use a cake mix.  A cake mix over here cost around $4 US for a Betty Crocker type cake box.  No way I'm paying that much for a cake mix.  I also made all the frosting.  The night before the reception another lady in the branch, Mary (Natalie, David Liew's sister) and I iced all the cupcakes. Mary had bought some flower decorations to put on the cupcakes.  She had also bought a cupcake stand which held coincidentally 60 cupcakes.  She arranged them on the stand and this is the result:
  I thought she did a pretty good job.  They didn't have a wedding cake, just the cupcakes.  There were close to 200+ people who came to the wedding.  I asked what we were going to do because there were only 60 cupcakes and she said it's just first come first served.  Needless to say, the cupcakes were gone in less than 2 minutes.  Unfortunately the battery in our camera died and this was the only picture of the wedding I was able to get.

Yesterday, the KK1 branch held a fellowship day at the beach.  It was the first time we had made a trip to the beach here.  They have lots of beaches.  Too bad they are so littered with trash and garbage.  Still, it was fun to be with the members and just have a good time.

In case you missed, I'm the white person in the back with the sunglasses.  Right in front of me in gray is Sis. Kinta.  Sis. Kinta was diagnosed with cervical cancer and has been undergoing chemo, thus she has no hair.  But she is a wonderful, special sister that I just love.  To Kinta's left, the lady sitting by the tree is known as Mama.  It was her husband that died a couple of months ago and we went to our first Malay funeral.  She loves to sing and says "Hallelujia" every time she meets you.  The lady in the pink is Sis. Lillian and she is the YW's president.  A real strength to the branch.
This man was selling ice cream cones from his bicycle.  I love how he is all bundled up in a parka and sweatshirt with a hoodie.  You would think it was cold here.  He hit a gold mine when he came to our branches picnic area.  One scoop, a very wee scoop, cost Rm1 (about 30 cents US) or a bigger double scoop (about the size of two very wee scoops) was Rm2 (about 60 cents US).  Everyone wanted to buy ice cream cones.  We bought a flavor called Rainbow.  It was strawberry and, here it comes, Yam.  Pretty interesting flavor combination.  It seemed to be the number one seller though.  I'm glad there wasn't corn flavor.
On the beach.  It was a great day with the branch.

After the beach we had two baptisms that night at the chapel.
This is Hinti and the elders who taught him, Elder Glad (from Virginia) on the left and Elder Jacob Reid (from Farmington) on the right.
This is Bro. Roger and his mother.  His mother has been a member for about a year.  Roger recently had a near death experience and knew he had to join the church.  Needless to say, his mom was excited, not about the near death experience but about his wanting to be baptized.

The Relief Society recently had an activity.  Each sister was supposed to dress in her native tribal costume and bring a food typical of where they came from.  Well the activity was supposed to start at 2:00.  At 2:00 just I and the RS Pres. Kate were there.  Kate didn't seem to be too concerned.  At 2:30 there was still just Kate and I.  I said, well should we just eat what we've brought and she said not yet.  At 3:00 there was still just Kate and I and she still didn't want to get started.  Finally at about 3:15 sisters started to come and they had the most amazingly beautiful costumes and brought really exotic dishes.  It was worth the wait, but I was ready to give up after 1 hour.  Typical Malay time -- hours late but it's ok.
LtoR:  Sis Ah Ling, Sis. Diaminah, Sis. Betty (YSA/ and piano student), Sis. Faralia (YSA/ piano student), Sis. Jackolyn (YSA, Primary Pres.), just me (don't you love my costume), Sis. Mary (Natalie, David Liew's sister), Sis. Cicie (YSA), Sis. Lisa (RS Counselor and piano student), Sis. Kate (RS President) and Sis. Ervinna.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and that they tell you a little bit about what we are doing here.  We are enjoying doing the work and enjoying the members so very much.  It is a great mission.  Keep the emails and comments coming.   LOVE YA ALL


  1. I was surprised to hear that their beaches are trashy. I thought their whole country was super clean. The ladies costumes are beautiful. They look like a fun group of people.

  2. The cupcakes look good! I am sure they are loving you there and you are teaching them so much. I love to read your blog and see your experiences. Love you both! Miss you lots!

  3. I think we should plan our weddings here on a first come first served basis. Think of all the money we would save and the reception would be over very quickly. :)

  4. Elder jacob reid? Concidence? I think not! Wouldn't it be crazy if Jacob really got called there in 11 years?