Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who Knew

Most of the past week has been spent helping the sister missionaries and the elder missionaries.  Elder Parker, a really dynamic missionary whom I just love, came down ill last Monday.  At first he thought it was something he ate which didn't make me feel too good because we had just fed the missionaries the night before.  He was running a high fever and said he had a headache to end all headaches.  We talked with the mission nurse and got him the recommended medicine.  He did seem to perk up a little on Tuesday, but by Tuesday evening he was just as sick as before.  He seemed to go up and down and could never really shake the fever.  On Friday we ended up taking him to the hospital to get checked out.  We thought he might have dengue fever.  He had to have some blood drawn and wait about 3-4 hours for the results.  All the blood work came back negative.  They said he probably had a virus (a virus is very universal isn't it.).  He seems to be doing better but is still pale and weak.  He had a very rough week and was a very sick missionary.

The sister missionaries finally got the keys to their own apartment on Thursday, but they say they want to clean it and do some other things before they move in so they are still with us.  I told them they will have to be out by Thursday as we have the short term water specialists coming from Salt Lake on Friday to spend 2 weeks with us.  We spent all day Saturday shopping and buying everything they will need for their apartment.  The apartment has furniture but no furnishings.  It was like shopping for a bridal shower.  So many things to buy.  We had a lot of fun.  We were trying to find them a clothes drying rack to use in their apartment.  So many to choose from, but when we saw this statement about an "elegant home" we knew this was the rack for us:

I had no idea I could have an elegant home simply by having a clothes rack in the middle of the room.  Such a simple idea.  Who knew?  We still have some other major things to get them like a clothes washer, microwave, vacuum, toaster, etc.  Didn't really buy any appliances yet.  I was worried about the cost so I called Sis. Mains and discussed it with her.  She just said to buy what is needed.  We will have to do it all again in another week or so for the elders who will be moving into their new home.  Fun times ahead.  I just hope the church is quick to reimburse us or we may be home sooner rather than later.

This week we also went shopping for the supplies for our Indonesian School Children project.  We had to buy school supplies and hygiene kit items for 275 children.  Again, it was such fun.  We found a school/office supply place here in KK with fantastic prices.  We got the best backpacks, so well made, for the price of Rm 18 each which would be about $6 US.  Unbelievable for the quality.  We ordered all the items on Wednesday and had the church service center in KL do an electronic funds transfer for payment.  They had everything delivered to our apartment on Friday afternoon.  Man, what service.  Here is what items for 275 school and hygiene kits look like:

There were over 16 heavy boxes.  We are still waiting for the educational toys we also ordered from another company to arrive.  The branches have agreed to have a joint fellowship night on Oct. 27 and put all the kits together for us.  The branches are also going to learn the Indonesian song that elder Subandriyo sent us from U Tube.  Now we have the problem of (1) how are we going to get all the items to the church for the fellowship night and (2) how are we going to get all the items to the respective schools.  I'm sure with the Lord's help we'll figure it out.

We had another baptism on Saturday night.  This is Kenny.  He is from Nigeria.  He has been taking the lessons and learning about the church for quite a while.  He wouldn't be baptized until he knew for sure the Church was true and that the Book of Mormon was true.  He finally KNEW and so he was baptized.  He is an extraordinary young man.  He is going to school here and studying Tourism.  Tourism seems to be a very popular major here.
The short term water specialists, Bro David and Sis Lena Frandsen, from Heber City will be here on Friday. They will be with us for two weeks.  We are going back in the jungle again.  One week in about the same area as Buduk Bui and the second week in Lahad Datu, another area further north.  We are going to be looking at potential water project sites in the BB area. In the Lahad Datu area we are going to visit 8 to 10 Humana Schools and see if we can help them with rain water collection and with sanitation.  These are schools that are on the palm oil plantations and most of them are pretty sad.  Bro. Frandsen is an engineer and was the chief engineer on the Jordanelle Dam so he is well qualified.  We are looking forward to their visit.  They are going to bring some Crystal Light and Jello with them.  I don't know if I'm more excited to see them or the Crystal Light and Jello.

Oh, more good news.  I finally found some Karo syrup.  You can't believe how hard I have looked for it.  I bought two bottles when I saw it and didn't even look at the price.  I can almost taste the caramel corn now. And all the other things that require Karo.  Sometimes I open the cupboard and just stare at it sitting there in all its sweetness and glory.

Send us emails and news.  We look forward to opening our email every morning and hoping there is something there from someone, anyone, even our pen pals in prison.  We love you all.  E/S Read


  1. It was fun to Skype with you. We can't wait to hear about your new jungle adventures. What fun it is to shop knowing someone else is paying- eventually. How are the stores? I will need to look here for the elegant clothes rack. I am sure it is cheaper thn new carpet for our house and think of th value it will add!

  2. Mammy was saying that you didn't get some of her emails. That made me wonder if you've gotten ours or not. Will you shoot me a quick yes or no to let me know if you've gotten our emails please?