Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back to Bukit Harapan

This week we had the opportunity to go back and visit Bukit Harapan, the first place in KK we did an Humanitarian Project.  The local Catholic Priest who works with Bukit Harapan was celebrating his 47th anniversary as a priest in KK and Bukit Harapan asked him to come to their facility and do a special mass.  Audra, the director of Bukit Harapan, was kind enough to invite us to come for the occasion.  It was so good to see all the children of BH again
They were all sitting so quietly and had on their best clothes.  They looked great.
This is the Catholic Priest, Father Francis.  BH presented him with this cake with candles after he had finished the mass.  The mass was quite nice.  A choir from the local Catholic church had also come over to sing during the mass and they were very good.  And, of course, after the mass they fed us.  One thing about Malaysians, they take good care of you and feed you all the time.
There were probably close to 100 people in attendance and we really enjoyed the evening.  I hope we will be able to do another project for BH in a few more months.  They are certainly doing a wonderful work with the people they help.

It was transfer day on Thursday.  I really really don't like transfer day, as I've probably mentioned before.  I just love all the elders and sisters who come to serve here and then one day they get transferred.  This time we only lost one elder, Elder Gottfredson.
This is Elder Gottfredson at our YSA/FHE on Monday night.  With him is Edre.  And, I just noticed, smiling in the background is David Liew.  Elder Gott is from Las Vegas.  A really fine young man.  He has been transferred to the city of Sandakan.  It is a harder area to work in than KK and only has one set of elders there.  Elder Gott was a little sad and frightened to leave, but he will soon adjust to the transfer and do just fine.  It is lots of fun to work with the YSA.  They are really nice to us old folks and take good care of us.  I think it also helps that we are always in charge of the refreshments.  This week I made a jello poke cake.  I never know how many are going to show up, so I thought a cake could be cut in any number of pieces, depending on how many came.  Well, Monday night there were 25.  Small pieces but they all enjoyed it.  It was also a birthday for one of the YSA and someone else had brought a birthday cake, so it all worked out good.  Talk about feeding with 5 fishes and bread.  Somehow we always seem to make the refreshments stretch.
LtoR:  Sis. Parker, Jen and Elder Parker.  No, the Parkers' aren't related but they are both tremendous missionaries.  Sis. Jen is waiting for mission call.  Just when we think she has everything settled and sent in, Hong Kong writes and asks for one more thing.  Now she is waiting for her TB test and then, hopefully, finally, everything will be done, her papers can be submitted and she can get her call.

We have had quite a few baptisms in the last couple of weeks.
LtoR:  Elder Parker, Sis. Patricia, Sis. Jayne and Elder Glad.  Sis. Patricia is the mother and Jayne is her 16 year old daughter.  They are such a joy to be around.
This is Sherryl.  She is just nine years old.  Her grandmother, aunt and uncle all live in the KK2 branch.  She is such a cutie.  Unfortunately, right after she was baptized her family moved to another city so we will have to let the new branch she moved into know she is there.
This is Elder Gottfredson and Sis. Kelly.  Kelly is just 11 years old but she is a ball of fire.  She is pretty talented too with a beautiful singing voice.  We just need to keep her coming and Watch Out KK Branches -- Kelly can really make a difference.

We are grateful everyday for our opportunity to be here in Malaysia.  It is a beautiful country with beautiful people whom we have grown to love.  As always, we love hearing from you.  Hope you are all staying warm and dry in cold and snowy Utah.  Right now it is a balmy 81 degrees with a light rain.  We love and miss you all tons.  E/S Read

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