Sunday, February 24, 2013

And On It Goes

Ben never reads this blog so I'm going to start off by asking for your help.  On March 9 Ben will celebrate his 70th birthday.  What a milestone.  I can't believe he is going to be 70.  And I'm only 39.  He certainly robbed the cradle didn't he.  Anyway, I was hoping that everyone who reads the blog would send him a birthday greeting on his birthday.  Just a short little line to wish him a nice birthday, etc.  You can send it to and just put Happy Birthday Ben in the subject line.  I know he would enjoy hearing from as many as possible.  SSHH.  Keep it a secret.  Remember the time difference.  When it is the 9th here in KK it is still the 8th in the USA so please allow for the time difference.  Thanks.

Well it is still Chinese New Year here in KK.  Although I am told this is the last day/night.  Even as I type, fireworks are going off all over the city.  Quite a sight to see from our 14th floor, but there have been fireworks every night since Feb. 10.  On Tuesday night, Pres. Ng, from the KK1 branch, hosted a CNY dinner.  He has a very small apartment so it was pretty crowded.  Not everyone could fit inside so some had to sit outside in the hallway.

 He and his wife prepared all the food.

What a great meal they had prepared.  They had mee (the fried noodles in the bowl on the right), eggs, different types of chicken, vegetables, sausages, and of course rice.  This is what the spread looked like before the crowd hit.  This is how they had decorated their dining area:
After we all ate, Pres. Ng went to the apartment parking lot and lit fireworks.  The kids and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a great evening.  Thanks Pres. Ng.

After a new convert is baptized, Ben and I give them some "follow-up" lessons.  There is a series of 6 lessons which kind of review again what they have learned.  It gives them a chance to ask any questions and it gives us the opportunity of meeting and teaching them.  It is a wonderful part of our mission.  An opportunity we really enjoy. We just finished teaching Jecko.  He is married to Cherianne who has been a member since she was a little girl.  Jecko joined the church before marrying Cherianne.  We finished our last lesson with them on Friday night.  We always bring in a meal for our last lesson together.  Nine times out of ten they all want KFC.  Jecko and Cherianne were no exception:
Elder Parker and Elder Putnam who served as translators for the lessons, Cherrianne holding baby, Jecko and Elder Read.  They are a wonderful family.  Their goal is to go the temple and be sealed as a family in the next year.  Jecko was also sustained as the 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum today.  He was hoping that he would get a calling soon. We feel he will do a good job.

Their baby daughter.  I think her name his Cherianne too.  She is about 4 months old and such a cute little thing and a real good baby.  

The Relief Societies in the KK branches are getting ready for the RS Birthday in March.  Saturday, yesterday, they had an activity of making a gift for each sister in the branches.  They made a decorative pin for your clothing.  They made them in all kinds of colors and styles.  I helped make a few, but I had to leave early to give piano lessons in the chapel, so I wasn't really much help.

The finished products:

Yesterday when we opened our door to leave for awhile, this is what we saw on our door as a door decoration:
Creeepppyyy!  His antennae must have been at least two feet across.  They grow their bugs plenty big here. We didn't invite him in and he was gone when we came back later.

Yesterday we had to take the elders shopping for appliances.  They needed a new refrigerator, a new vacuum and a new clothes washer.  The landlord refused to replace the refrigerator and the clothes washer, so the mission ended up having to buy it for them, or in other words, E/S Read bought everything for them until the mission can pay us back.  I didn't realize how much we would be relied on to be a bank.  The mission is very good to reimburse us without delay so we do ok. We ordered the fridge, washer and vacuum from the company at about noon and the company had everything delivered and set up and working by 3:00.    Without charge. What good service.  I think RC Willey could learn something from these guys.

Have a great day everyone.  I guess it is now Sunday morning where most of you are and it is Sunday evening here and Sunday is about gone.  Keep sending us emails.  We check everyday.  We love you all.  E/S Read

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