Sunday, August 18, 2013

Roller Coaster Ride

WOW!  We have had such a final emotional week.  I have spent most of the last seven days in tears.  It is so hard, much harder than I ever imagined to say good-bye to these wonderful people in Kota Kinabalu.  I seem to be in tears almost every minute.  There will be a big hole in my heart when we leave.

On Monday we had a special family home evening with the branches at branch president Ng's house.  They had a great meal and then we had a karaoke.  It was kinda of fun singing the "oldies".  Everyone got involved.  Lots of laughing and singing:
                                                Sis. Ivory doing a great job singing
Front:  Eder, S/E Read, Mao, Sis. Dorcas.  Back Row:  President Ng, Bro. Wong, Sis. Annie and Sis. Susan
Our last district meeting with the great elders serving in KK:  Bro. Tadius (former missionary, just visiting district meeting, mostly for the food I think.  He is so great!  I love him to pieces); Elder Johnson, Elder Jahali, Elder Chan, Elder Loke, Elder Gaultier and Elder LaFontaine.
Sis. Josie had me come to her home Wednesday and showed me how to make her famous 30 egg cake.  She even gave me the secret recipe because I am leaving Sabah and promised not to share it with anyone in Malaysia.  We made a smaller version, only 20 eggs in this cake.  It was delicious.
Elder and Sister Allen arrived in KK on Friday night.  So happy to have them here safely.  They got diverted in Hong Kong because of a large typhoon.  But they finally made it to KK.  YAHOO!  A great couple and we have had to work hard and fast in the short time we have together.

Saturday night the branches had a combined activity to say good bye to us and to say hello to the Allen's.  It was so much fun!  The branches really went to a lot of work for the night. They were all encouraged to wear their native tribal dress. 
                                             Little Brianna in her native Kadasun dress
                                      Sis. Faralina and her brother Andriano in their native dress.
                                                               Sis. Lillian
                                                           Sis. Jannifer
                              Sis. Read with Sis. Wendy, Sis. Lisa, Sis. Helen and Sis. Verronica
 Sis. Ervinna and her son Vincent.  She made her beautiful skirt.  All the artwork is beaded.
One of my most favorite sisters -- Sis. Rusalin.  I love her so much.  She is holding baby Emily and I am holding her daughter Jeanette.  Jeanette just wanted me to hold her and hold her all night.  I loved it.
They dressed Elder Read up in some native costume.  Looks Sharp don't you think.  We each got a T-shirt among many many other gifts.  
                   A large group of party attenders including the elders and other fine young men
This is the great Chua family.  They are such a golden family and so faithful and pioneers of the Malaysia Church.  LtoR:  Ching, Vivi, Maylin, S/E Read, Bro. Chua, Stenley in the back and Alpheus in the front.  They are so great.  Love them all.
                                                    A big group hug and group cry.  
We also had to talk in KK1 sacrament meeting today on the topic of service.  It has seemed like we have spent this whole week running running running.  Tomorrow we have a lot of appointments and places to visit with the Allen's so we can get them all taken care of.  

Our plane arrives in Salt Lake City on August 22 at 2:28 pm.  We are coming on Delta Airlines on flight #2053 from Los Angeles, terminal 2.  It shouldn't be too long a flight as we leave Singapore at 5:15 am and arrive in SLC at 2:28 -- that's only about a 9 hour flight.  Not too bad don't you think.  You are all welcome to come if you want.  

We have loved our 18 months in KK and we are so thankful we have had the opportunity to be here.  We have learned more than we have taught, we have been served more than we have served, and we have been loved more than we have loved.  It has been quite the journey, but we have had much joy in our journey.  We can never be the same people we were when we left.  God has changed our hearts and lives and we have been changed for good.  Thank you all for your support and prayers and love.  We couldn't have done it without you.  A special thank you to our wonderful children and grandchildren who have supported us and been there to take care of everything we left behind.  We haven't had any worries about our home or finances or anything at all thanks to them.  We owe them so much for making it possible for us to serve.  We have been so blessed with the wonderful children, including children-in-law, and grandchildren.  Our terrific sisters and brothers have also been there to support and help in so many ways also.  Also, friends and ward members and so many others we can't name them all have all pitched in to make it possible for us to serve.  A great big Malaysian TERIMA KASIH! to everyone.  We will see you all very very soon now.  We will give our report in the Roy 30th ward at 11 am on Sunday Aug. 25.  Address:  3300 West 6000 So. in Roy. Hope all blog readers can come.  Lunch afterwards at our home.  WE LOVE YOU ALL!
Sampai Jumpa Lagi!  E/S Read


  1. It must be so very hard to leave these people you've come to love. I know the feeling :) Praying for your safe travels home. Can't believe you'll be home so soon.

  2. So excited to see you in FOUR days!! Your entry today made me cry. It's been a fast and slow 18 months for us. Love you guys.

  3. hey grandma I'd like it if you'd comment on my blog- Ethan