Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cooking Lessons

On Saturday the branch YW asked me to help them make cookies.  They actually asked about two weeks ago.  I was excited to help them.  They are a good bunch of girls and have a great YW President.  I thought we would be doing it at the church, but I found out the oven at the church doesn't work.  I invited them to come to our apartment and we could make the cookies here.  They all thought that would be great.  But on Friday night the YW Pres called and said that they couldn't come to our apartment because some of the girls had school and it would be hard for them to find our apartment on their own.  She suggested we go back to making them at the church and she could bring her own small, as in wouldn't hold a pie plate, toaster oven.  I told her we would meet at the church and we could make no-bake cookies.  They seemed a little puzzled about no-bake cookies, but I told them it would work out ok.  We were supposed to start at 11:00 but not everyone got there until about 11:30.  The girls had a good time making the cookies.  We made the chocolate oatmeal peanut butter type.  They had never had them before but they really really liked them. They laughed when I told them that my daughter Amber calls them "Gorilla Poops".  They seemed to understand that ok. While the cookies were setting up we also made rice krispie treats.  It is hard to find the right kind of marshmallows here in KK, but I finally found them along with a small box of rice krispies.  They really really liked the rice krispie treats too.  Here are some pictures of the cookie making girls:

 They each took turns adding a different ingredient.
Cooking the Chocolate, sugar, milk and butter on the stove

The finished products:  Rice Krispies and Chocolate no-bake cookies.  YUMMY!  LtoR:  Sis. Read, Sis. Maylin (YW Pres.), Betty, Minna, Vivianna, Ching, Laura and Elsie.  (Laura and Elsie are leaving on missions on Wednesday.  One is going to London and one is going to London South)  We all had a great time and if they ever get the oven fixed we can have more cooking classes.
I had another Kitchen Klutzy moment last week.  I was making some bread.  I think the bread here is too expensive and comes in little loaves, so I decided to make my own.  The first time I made it it turned out ok. Last week I made another batch.  Some of the YSA from the ward wanted to swim so I put the bread into bake and then went down to watch them swim for about 25-30 minutes, about the time the bread was supposed to be done.  When I came in the apartment I thought it kinda smells like baking bread, only a little different.  When I opened the oven, I saw what was wrong.  I had turned the oven to broil instead of bake.  The bread was black on the top.  I let it cook a few more minutes at the right temperature and then took it out.  It tasted great as long as you didn't eat the black top.  But hey, I'm not going to waste bread so we just cut off the top and ate it anyway.  It was still good and I'm still learning.

This is Angel.  She is 10 and cute as a bug.

Here are some pictures of a family we are teaching the follow-up discussions to.  They are a brother and sister, Crystel and Darian.  They live with their auntie Josie who is Philipino (everyone says auntie here).  Crystel is 17 and Darian is 16. They were baptized in December. They also have a little sister Angel who is ten.  I thought you might like to see  a picture of some members we are teaching:

                                                   This is Angel, Crystel and Darian.

Have a great day everyone and Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming In Boys and Girls.  Love ya all!

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  1. Sounded like fun!! Now I want some no bake cookies