Sunday, April 29, 2012

Who Am I Really

Before we left I bought an Asian looking jacket in a light lilac with the frog type closures at the DI.  My mom and I thought it was pretty and good for going to an Asian country.  The first time I wore it to church a sister said to me "You look like Imelda Marcos."  Now I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I just said I don't have enough shoes to be Imelda.  Well I wore the same jacket yesterday and a different sister  came up to me and said "You look like Imelda Marcos."  Now I'm thinking that isn't good.  Didn't they string her up or something: Anyway, I like the jacket and I'll still wear it and see how many more people tell me I look like Imelda Marcos.  We went to the hospital to visit a sister who had to have surgery on her legs.  One of the sister's visiting her said to me (wait for it)  "You look like Nancy Reagan".  Again I'm not sure how to take this. Hopefully they were thinking of Nancy in her younger days not as she is now at 90+.  Don't get me wrong, I think Nancy is a nice looking lady but I don't want people thinking I'm quite 90 yet.  Then another sister came into the room and she said to me (wait for it) "You look like Goldie Hawn".  Now really?  Goldie Hawn?  I said "Goldie has blonde hair".  She said "Well your's is kinda gold".  OK.  If you think so.  So I'm not sure who I am, Imelda, Nancy or Goldie.  What's your votes?  Do I look like any of the three?

On Wednesday we sent the Haraun twins off to their missions to London and London South.  They are such tiny little things.  I hope England doesn't chew them up and spit them out.  They have very little materially in this world.  But their testimonies and spirits soar.  They also have a brother serving in the Utah Salt Lake City South mission.  Three missionaries for this one poor little family.  It really makes you humble when you see how little they have but how much they want to share the gospel.

The Haraun twins Elsie (or Laura) their friend Jen and Laura (or Elsie) at the airport just before they left for England.

We had to go out to Palau Gaya Island on Friday to make arrangements for the closing ceremony for the humanitarian/welfare help the church gave the school there.  I thought it would be a small island type school. It's quite LARGE.  They have over 700 students, mostly like jr. high age.  The school is built right in the water and is supported on beams in the water.  We took the Elders with us to act as interpreters.

Ben and Elder Glad (back) and Elder Reid (front) on our speedboat to the island school.
Off we go.  Wish us luck.  It took us awhile to find a boat to take us because we're not familiar with the area.  We finally found this boat that would take all four of us out and back for Rm50 (about $4.25 a piece).
Some of the poor homes that have been built right in the water on stilts.

Just a very small part of the school.  There are several buildings all connected.  The gazebo like building on the right is the boat dock.
With the principal of the school and some of the supplies the church has furnished.

The part of the school that burned, and has now been rebuilt, is about from where the girls are walking and going to the left.

The walkway to the school rooms and other buildings.
The actual closing ceremony is scheduled for May 17.  I will send more pictures when that happens.
Please let us hear from you.  We really enjoy getting mail/emails anything.  You're all great.
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  1. Mom I think you're a dead ringer for Cindy Crawford. Love the blog keep it going.