Sunday, May 6, 2012

Give me the Power

Last Monday the power went off about 3:30 am.  We know because we woke up and it was really really warm.  It didn't come on again until about 11:30 am.  Something big blew up is all I know and it was quite a widespread area that was without power.  It really made it hard to do any work with the computers not working.  And it was still very warm.  The next day while we were working the power went out about 2:00 pm.    About 3:00 a really nice wind came up so I opened all the windows to get the breeze blowing through and at least stir the air.  It helped a lot.  The temperature didn't lower, but it still felt better.  It's funny here.  When a rainstorm blows in, as it does almost every afternoon, you would think it would make it cooker, but it doesn't.  You open the windows hoping to get the cooler air, but the air temperature hasn't changed.  I miss the cool rain.  Anyway, while we were waiting for the power to come back on and all the windows were open and the wind was blowing through, we heard a really big BANG.  The wind had blown the door shut in our bedroom.  I'm sure you have all had the same experience.  I went to open the bedroom door and it was locked.  Not to worry, we had an envelope marked "Keys to bedroom doors".  Got the keys out of the envelope and tried everyone of them.  None worked.  We tried everything we could think of.  We even called the building supervisor but he told us they don't keep keys to the doors in individual apartments.  So we ended up having to calling a locksmith.  He was here within a half hour and had the door open.  He charged us Rm50 (about $15). After he left we found a key which was in the bedroom which would open the door.  That key is now in the envelope marked "Keys to bedroom doors".

Last week we ha a baptismal service.  Six people were baptized.  That was so awesome! There was a mother, Welista, and her two sons Prichard (11) and Eric (9).  There was also an 8 year old boy from the branch, Sylvester; the boyfriend of a girl in the branch, Jeko (18); and another young married lady named Senciea.

Here are some pictures:

This picture shows Jeko and Sylvester.  Jeko is 2nd from left and Sylvester is in front of him.  Jeko's girlfriend is standing by him.  Jeko's girlfriend comes from a family of about 8 children, including a new baby. They live in very humble circumstances that would make the Chicago projects look good.  The baptizer, Bro. Charles,back right, is the brother of the two twin sisters who left on their mission a few days ago.

Another picture of Jeko, Sylvester and Charles.  I thought Ben had taken more pictures, but I guess not.

One day we were picking up the Elders at their apartment and another car pulled up.  There was an older white lady inside.  We noticed because seeing an older white lady is not too common here. (I guess that's why I get lots of stares.)  She got out of the car and was using a cane.  When she almost got to where we were she tripped and fell and went down hard.  Ben and I and the driver of the car rushed to pick her up.  She kept saying she was ok, just embarrassed.  For some reason her glasses were really foggy so she couldn't see all that well.  After we helped her up she looked at me and said, "Well good afternoon Sis. Read.  I'm Sis. Greenwood."  Imagine, another sister falling right at our feet.  She was from Australia and she keeps an apartment in KK.  She loves KK and hopes to spend more time here in the future.  She usually comes and spends all of the month of December.  The branches know her well.  A really delightful lady.  Said she will soon be 80.  She always gives all her left over food to the Elders before she leaves so they were glad to get to know her too.  By the way, Natalie, she told us the Canberra is pronounced Can BRA.  Maybe you already know this.

On Thursday we leave for a Zone conference in Sibu.  We will spend the day and a night in Sibu and then we are flying to Kuching.  We are going to be meeting with some humanitarian partners in Kuching, one is a guy who helps us with the water projects and the other is a guy who helps us with the wheelchair projects.  We thought it would be nice to meet and visit with them since we were flying that way anyway.  We will return Saturday night.

We got our first official mail delivered to our apartment on Tuesday.  It was from Jason, Julie and girls.  Thank you so much.  It was so fun to get some mail.  E and A, thank you so much for the pictures.  I have put them on my refrigerator.

We are still enjoying the work and staying busy with humanitarian and welfare as well as all the teaching the branches have for us.  We hope all is well with you all too.  Love and miss each and everyone!
E/S Read


  1. Hi Ben and Margaret!
    I bet it's pretty bad when the power is out since it's so hot there. We try to remember to say Can BRA, instead of Canberra. We just found out we are all medically cleared to leave in August. Spencer will have to go to the cardiologist every six months in Sydney since there are no pediatric cardiologists they trust in Canberra. We have been so busy moving working on our townhouse we're going to rent out, but the new people have moved in so we can begin sorting our junk at the new house for our next move. You are always in our prayers!
    Doug, Natalie and kids

  2. Seriously took that long?....I guess you are on the other side of the planet. Glad you got them!

    First thing I thought of when you said you were going to Kuching was Cha Ching. :) Ha ha.

    Great to hear your updates!

  3. Hi Margaret -

    We just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

    Mitch, Kristy, Paige & kate