Sunday, March 31, 2013

Enjoying Easter in East Malaysia

HAPPY EASTER to everyone.  What a joyous time of year.  I just love Spring.  It holds such a promise of good things to come and cold wintry things going adios.  Not that we have had such a cold and wet and freezing winter here in Malaysia.  We scarcely even knew winter had made an appearance.

It was another sad day for me on Thursday.  It was transfer day again and we lost two sisters and four elders.  However, we did get another elder transferred in to KK so we lost a total of five of our missionaries with only one replacement.  We are now down to two sisters and four elders.  I am sure going to miss them. They become just like your own children.
Our last district meeting all together.  Front row l to r:  Elder Scheutz, Elder Griffin, Elder Tadius and Elder Song.  Middle: Elder Read, Sis. Read, Elder Parker and Elder Putnam.  Back Row:  Elder Kong (only here for a week), Sis. Caballa, Sis. Christiansen, Sis. Nielsen and Sis. Parker. Aren't they a good looking group and they are so dedicated and hard working.  I truly love them all.  The five we lost are E. Scheutz, Elder Griffen, E. Song, Sis. Caballa and Sis. Christiansen.  These young elders and sisters touch our lives in so many ways.  They will never know how much we learn from them and their examples of Christlike service.

I will miss seeing all their shoes piled in the entry way.  Most of them have need of work on the souls or a good polishing and cleaning.  You can learn a lot about a missionary by looking at their shoes.

On Thursday morning before they all flew off for their new assignments, we got together for another final -- a final breakfast.  It was supposed to be a breakfast at 7 am, but then it got moved to 7:30 and then it got moved to 9 and then it got moved to 10.  Finally we all got together at 11 for a brunch.  We ate at this fun spot called "Bombers".  It is run by an American guy and he serves real American Hamburgers made with real beef.  And the hamburgers are huge.  Elder Read and I and most of the others got  breakfast food -- they also make killer French Toast -- but Elder Tadius got the hamburger.  It was huge.  Did I mention how big it was.  But Elder Tadius wasn't to be intimidated by a hamburger and he quickly put it in its place -- actually in his place, his stomach.  Then it was time for final hugs from me (appropriate hugs!) and tears and good byes.  I made them all promise to invite me to their weddings and to keep us up to date on their lives.
                                                         The KK District at Bombers

It was also District Conference this weekend.  About 20 people came over from Sandakan on the bus for a six hour bus drive and about 20 people came from Tawau on the bus for an eight hour bus drive.  It was also Pres. Mains' birthday on Saturday, the 30th (same as Gracie's).  The expert cake maker in our branch made Pres. Mains a cake with only about 3 hours notice.  As always, it was delicious.
                  Pres. and Sis. Mains with Josie the cake maker and her signature chocolate cake.

We invited Elder and Sis. Crookston from Sandakan and Elder and Sis. Atkinson from Tawau to join us for Easter Day dinner.  Pres. and Sis. Mains couldn't make it as they had to catch a plane right after the Sunday meeting.  We had a traditional Easter dinner of ham, funeral potatoes, corn, orange jello fluff salad, hot rolls and strawberry shortcake.  It was so good to have a real American Easter Dinner.  We bought the ham in Singapore, I froze it in the refrigerator at Singapore and then carried it home to KK in my purse.
Around the table, Elder and Sis. Atkinson, Sis. and Elder and Crookston and some strange strange lady.

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL.  Be so grateful for the special gift that was given to everyone, free of charge and the eternal blessings it holds.   Love to All   E/S Read


  1. I guess Elder and Sister Lee in Sandakan went hoome? Happy Easter!! Love you and grateful for your service.
    Natalie, Doug and kids

  2. I wanted to see a picture of the huge hamburger. I tried to make a "mom-worthy" Easter dinner, never as good as yours. Maybe next year. Love you guys.