Sunday, April 7, 2013

Come Come to Mari Mari Once Again

Once again this week we had the opportunity of going to Mari-Mari with Elder and Sister Crookston from Sandakan.  I learn something new everytime we go there.  I think this time we had the best guide we have ever had and we got to do more.
Here I am making rice cookies.  The batter is made from rice flour, a little sugar and water.  Then you scoop some batter up in a half coconut shell that has small holes all over the bottom and sides.  You hurry and carefully put the batter into hot oil in a wok type pan.  You slowly go clockwise for a couple or turns and then you go back counter clockwise for a couple of turns.  Then you take two sticks and fold the partially cooked cookie once to make a square and then fold it again to make a triangle.  This was the hardest part.  I'm not a good cookie with sticks turner.  Mine was more like a triangle trying to escape being made into a rectangle.  Not sure what you would call that shape.
Here we are trying on hats and vests that are made from pounded tree bark.  It is quite a process to pound the tree bark into a material that can be used for clothes.  These clothes we tried on were lined with soft cotton cloth.  Without the lining, they would be so scratchy and itchy I'm not sure how they could stand to where these "clothes".

Once again we both tried the blow gun with the poison dart that will kill you if it hits you.  Not to worry.  We can't hit a shrunken head with a boozka.  However, we both did better this time.  Ben actually hit the coconut head we were aiming at but the dart bounced out and I was able to get the dart into the thatching just below the head.  A few more visits and we should be pros at this "killing" activity.  Watch out when we get home.
 One of our favorite houses to visit at Mari Mari is the house with the "trampoline" floor.  I was finally able to convince Ben to give it a try.  He didn't jump high enough to win the prize hanging from the ceiling.  Dang! I was hoping we could take home an authentic plastic bug or whatever it is they hang from the ceiling.
Sis. Crookston tried jumping also.  How cool would it be if every home could have their very own trampoline floor.  Think of the fun.  Think of the broken bones and flat feet.  It really hurts when you jump and come down on the hard wood floor.
The end of another great visit to Mari-Mari.  Mari-Mari means come come.  It was fun to be with the Crookstons.

Ben has made a video of a hike we took on the hill behind our apartment.  From the hill you can see our apartment and the other buildings in our complex.  We hope this will work.  It is our first time to try this.  Where is Mark to help us when we need him.  Let us know if it comes through ok or not.
We thank you for your prayers in our behalf.  We can feel them and they help us.  We love you all.  Find joy in the gospel and in the journey home.  E/S Read


  1. Looks like you're still on quite an adventure. You should install a trampoline floor in your house, your grandkids would think you're the best grandma ever!

    The Schoenfeld family

  2. The video worked great. Nice to see the pictures from Mari Mari!

  3. Video was great. Awesome! We are counting down... :)