Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Sad Week

It has been a hard week for me.  My sisters and brothers have included me in a lot of the funeral plans for my mother, but it just isn't the same as being there.  They are very caring and among my best friends.  I so enjoy being with them.  I thought they planned a very nice funeral service.  Her grandsons Mark Read, Jason Wood and Dan Brady all spoke.  This is what she had asked.  There was a very special musical number by granddaughters and grandaughters-in-law.  A really pretty arrangement of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives".  And then my brother Jim spoke.  We are so lucky that we can live in this day and age.  We were able to go to the viewing and funeral via skype thanks to our son Mark who is a techie.  When Mark was on his mission, we could only talk with him on Mother's Day and Christmas via a long distance telephone call and it would cost us over $150 each time.  My how times have changed.  Thank goodness.  Thanks Mark for all you did to make this possible for us. I want to thank all my children for helping me to get through this.  They have been such a source of comfort from so far away.  It is hard for my flimsy brain to comprehend that she will not be there when I return home.  She has always been there.  It will be hard not to want to jump in the car on Sunday nights and head for granma's house.  All the fun and laughter with everyone that was always there.  We laughed over crazy things and cried over crazy things.  I think we are just crazy.  It must be time to start new traditions and make new and different memories.  I just have this huge hole in my heart and soul right now and can't see beyond it.

We are leaving for Singapore in the morning and will be there for five days.  I will try to get back in the blogging mood upon our return.  As always, would love to hear from you.  Sending our love and prayers for you and your families    Elder/Sister Read

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  1. Brother and Sister Read,
    We just wanted to send our love and condolences to you!! We are so sorry to hear of your loss! There are really no words to say to help with the separation that we feel when a love one is no longer with us other than the comfort that the Gospel can bring. How thankful we are that families can be together forever! Please know that we send our love and prayers at this time!! Love the Brad Moore family