Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family History I am Doing It

Hello to all you HOT people in the USA.  I know Utah has some HOT people but now it seems that everyone in Utah is HOT.  We have been following the weather forecast there and our sympathies go out to you.  While it is always hot here, and humid, it is nothing like the heat you are having in the West.

This week we had Elder and Sister Moulder come for a visit.  They are serving in Kuching and are specifically called as Family History missionaries.  They are great people and certainly know their way around the FH sites.  For two weeks we had it announced in Sacrament, RS and Priesthood meetings that they were coming for a special FHE on Monday.  We were hoping to get at least 10 people to come.  We had over twenty people.  YAHOO.  The Moulder's said it was the best turn out they had had.  In the two branches there are 6 people who are called to work in FH.  Four of them are only about 18 in age.  But they have caught the vision and are doing a great job.
Some of our Family History reps in the Family History Center.  We have one room dedicated to Family history in our building.  The main problem we have is keeping the internet/wifi up and running.
 This is Elder Moulder working with some YSA who turned out to learn how they could do FH.  LtoR:  Bro. Roy (YM's president), Elder Moulder, Sis. Jaqualine (Primary president) and Bro. David (elder's Quorum president).

Thre next night they had training just for the branch presidencies and auxiliary leaders and for the FH reps.  Also, the next day, Elder Read and I were able to work one-on-one with the Moulder's and they showed us all the wonderful stuff out there to help us with our FH.  I was particulary interested in a site called "Find A Grave".  They have pictures of headstones throughout the world.  You just type in the name of the person you are looking for and the cemetary they are buried in and Viola -- there you are right at the gravesite.  I thought this was pretty amazing, but probably some of you already know about this site.  We also found out some other interesting ways to gather information on our ancestors.  We are looking forward to doing FH when we get home.  Thanks Moulder's.
                                                Elder/Sister Moulder and Elder/Sister Read

On Thursday we needed to take one of the Elders to the hospital.  He has a ganglion cyst on a nerve in his knee and he is having trouble and pain with it if he does a lot of walking or bike riding.  Well, he is a missionary so naturally his knee is bothering him.  When he was in Singapore for a conference, Sis. Mains (the president's wife) had him go see a specialist there to determine what exactly was wrong.  He brought back the XRays with him and also the doctor's report so the doctor's here in KK would know what was wrong and how to treat him.  Since he is native Malay, he can get medical care for Rm1 (about 30 cents US).  We took him to the hospital two weeks ago to have it looked at and waited there about an hour.  Then they said they needed him to take it to a different clinic on the other side of town.  So off we go to the different clinic and wait again.  After waiting for another two hours, they finally decided that he needed to go back to the hospital and see a different doctor there as none of the doctors at the clinic could read the Xray and report.  They gave him an appointment for Thursday, at 9 am at the hospital again.  We got him there right at 9.  He had to wait in a line for about 15 minutes to get a number so that he could wait in line until it was his turn to see the doctor.  After waiting 1 1/2 hours they finally called his number and back he went to see the doctor.  Two hours later he finally came out again and said the doctor wanted another doctor to look at it so we had to wait some more.  Another hour later he came back out and said he had to wait for an appointment to see a physical therapist and another doctor next week.  AAAGH.  Five hours later we finally left and they hadn't done a thing for him.  I asked him, of the five hours we were waiting, how much time did you actually see and speak with a doctor(s).  He said 15 minutes.  AAAGH.  All I could think of was welcome to Obama Care.  Just slit my wrists now.

Yesterday KK2 RS had an activity where they made ties.  It started at 12:00 noon.  KK1 RS had an activity where we visited a sister in her home at 2:00 and all brought pot luck.  I arranged all my Saturday piano lessons so I would be through by noon and able to participate in the tie making.  Then Ben would pick me up at 1:30 so I could make it to the pot luck.  When Ben came at 1:30 they still weren't making ties.  Only 2 people were there.  The RS President came just as I was leaving.  I understand more sisters came by 2.  When we got to the meeting place for the KK1 activity at 2 pm, there were only three of us at the meeting place.  Thirty minutes later, the rest arrived.  There is Mormon time and then there is Malaysian time.  I am sure Malyasia will miss the millenium by about 3 hours. . . . but we love them anyway.
Some of the KK1 sisters at the RS activity/pot luck.  We were at Sis. Norianna's house.  She is on the front far right in the green and white shirt.

If anybody has any news, any news at all, they want to share with us we would love to get an email.  Please drop us a line if you can.  We love and miss you all.  E/S Read

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